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If you need your website to become a 24/7 member of your team, marketing your service even after you have closed, then we can help give you the online presence your business is dreaming of.

Eyes Up SEO is an SEO company in Paisley that can help you rank higher in Google.

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We are a Paisley Based SEO Agency

We have been helping business in Paisley, Glasgow and throughout Scotland with their SEO and digital marketing for over 10 years.

As a SEO Agency, we know how important it is that your site can be found online.

We know that ranking well in Google is vital to our own businesses, the more search terms we rank for the more traffic we direct to our site and as a result the more new clients we gain, helping our business grow.

When it comes to online marketing there are a number of options out there including social media marketing that can help you grow your business but few are as successful as SEO marketing.

For SEO to be truly successful though you need to make sure you are targeting the correct keywords for your website and your niche.

Search Engine optimisation can add thousands of visitors to your site each month and 70% of people prefer to click the organic rankings rather than the ads

Our SEO services Paisley can help you increase traffic and increase sales!


With an SEO audit we take a deep dive into your site to see how it looks to Google and see what technical and on-page factors it might need to improve to maximise its rankings.

We take a look at your competitors and see what they are ranking for, where their backlinks are coming from and what keywords they are targeting.

Then we put it together in an SEO report with clear steps for you to action to help you get your SEO campaign off on the right direction.

SEO Audit Paisley
Keyword Research Paisley


When we are working on the design and development of a website for a client, a lot of the time they think they know what keywords to target but with a little investigation it’s clear that their keywords need some work.

For example for this page we know we could target “SEO Paisley” or “SEO services paisley” or even “Paisley SEO services” because we looked at the search volume, competition level and where our target audience were.

Our keyword research package helps pinpoint the best keywords for your site, we compile a list of keywords that will have short term, medium-term and long term ranking goals

And unlike most of the other digital agencies that offer this service we don’t supply only the bare minimum keywords. Our report gives you a treasure trove of keywords to bank that you can target over time as well as a comprehensive list of blogging keywords.


An SEO audit and keyword research are steps one and two of your SEO campaign the third step is one of the most important if you want to get to page 1 in the quickest time possible.

Getting your website optimised to ensure it meets Google guidelines and is effectively targeting your keywords.

Any technical and on-page faults that showed up on the audit we will rectify and if you need to make any adjustments to the design and copy on the site we will let you know.

Onsite SEO Paisley
Local SEO Paisley


As a Paisley based business we have been able to help a number of location-based businesses rank in the search engines.

For example if you were a wedding photographer in Paisley we will help you rank for the most relevant local search terms relating to your niche

Local SEO is a must if you run a location-based business, with local SEO you will want to rank for the local organic search phrase and rank within the MAP listing (the three-pack)

72% of customers who find a local business online visit or contact the business within 3 days of the search so making sure your website ranks high in the search results for local search is vital for location-based businesses.


The final step in the SEO process is one that is ongoing, and that’s offsite SEO.

Offsite SEO is all about building links and trust to your website. Helping make it a leader in its industry will help boost it’s SEO search results

Our offsite monthly SEO strategy only ever uses Google best practice and our SEO consultancy has the reputation of helping websites climb the rankings using the best tactics available.

We want to help grow your business, together we can get you the results from the search engines that your business deserves.

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