About Us

Q) What kind of work does Eyes Up SEO Do?

A) Eyes Up SEO provide affordable SEO services for business looking to increase their presence online. 

We offer website audits, keyword research, onsite SEO, website SEO copy and local SEO as well as ongoing monthly SEO services 

Q) I’m an entrepreneur / Small business owner how can you help me?

A) We are so glad you asked! We can help you in so many ways, in fact helping entrepreneurs is a bit of a specialty of ours!

We can help you get your website ranking in the search engine so your ideal customers can find what they are searching for – You!


Q) What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimisation)

A) SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it’s the process of getting your website ranked for certain search terms, within the pages of search engines like Google.

Think about it, you probably “googled” something today. We help by making sure YOU are what your ideal customer finds the next time they Google something.

Q) Do I really need a SEO?

A) Well that depends, if you would like more visibilty, more traffic, increased enquiries and sales? 

If the answer is Yes, then you need SEO! 

Q) How much experience do you have?

A) We have been in this game a while now, we started when our daughter was born and she will be 15 on her next birthday. So long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

We are also obsessed with all things SEO ad marketing! We love seeing our clients get results and enjoy the impact well done SEO can give their business! 

Q) Your based in Glasgow, Does that mean you only work with businesses in Glasgow?

A) No, not at all. Glasgow is where are from and we are very proud of that fact, hence the name but we have clients from all over the world.

We feel very blessed to have worked with entrepreneurs in Scotland and the rest of the UK & Ireland as well in the USA, Canada, Europe and even Australia.

Q) What is the connection between you both?

A) In Short. we are married, have been since 2004 and since that day have been blessed with not only 1 but 2 little bundles of joy.

Our daughter will be 15 on her next birthday and our son turns 12 on his next birthday.

They were the driving force behind our business initially because we both wanted to be home more when they were little. (our previous corporate jobs meant a lot of time away from home.)

Now they are our driving force as it turns out teenagers and pre teens are really expensive! Who knew …..? Thankfully not only do we love our little rugrats to pieces but we also love what we do.

We live just outside of Glasgow, with the 2 kids, a crazy dog Jake and a really grumpy budgie, Hamish. (in our house the staffy won’t bite you but the budgie probably will)

We love spending time together, watching movies, reading books, playing board games and enjoying this beautiful country we live in.

Awkward 3rd Person Bio

marion-allanNow for the awkward 3rd person bio part (if your website doesn’t have one yet it should have!)

Allan  is the co founder of Eyes Up SEO as well several online marketing training websites and Courses and website branding business Brand U Boutique

He graduated from the university of the West Of Scotland with a BSc (Hons) and went onto work in the pharmaceutical industry for several years before retraining as a website designer and SEO strateist, starting his own company in 2006.

Allan has helped clients across the UK, USA, Europe and Australia grow their business and their brand online.

Outwith work Allan loves to travel with his wife and 2 kids as well as watching movies, reading books, painting furniture and travelling as family to let her kids see that there is a big old world out there that they have to go explore.

Marion is the co founder of Eyes Up SEO as well as the founder of The SEO Upcycler, an SEO training blog for female entrepreneurs.

Marion graduated from the University of The West of Scotland with a BA with disctinction before starting a postgrad in IT at the same university.

Marion loves upcycling old furniture, reading , travelling, watching movies and being mum to her 2 amazing kids and the fur babies in the family! 


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In need of web design in Glasgow? Glasgow Web Geek is a web design company based in Paisley just outside of Glasgow providing web design and SEO services to large organisations, local businesses, freelancers and female entrepreneurs throughout Glasgow, UK, Europe, USA and Australia. Our team are multi-skilled and excel at working on web design and SEO projects that will help increase sales for our clients.